Narromine New South Wales


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Narromine New South Wales

Town on the Macquarie River which promotes itself as the ‘Town of Champions’.

Narromine is an important rural service centre located on the Mitchell Highway and the Macquarie River at the eastern edge of the western plains of New South Wales.

Located in the Tom Perry Park on the Mitchell Highway, the Glenn McGrath statue, created by local sculpture Brett Garling and unveiled in 2009, celebrates the town’s connection with the most successful fast bowler Australia ever produced. McGrath was born in Dubbo and educated at Narromine Public School. He honed his bowling skills by bowling at a fuel drum that sat against his dad’s machinery shed. He holds the world record for the highest number of Test wickets by a fast bowler and is fourth on the all-time list of bowlers.

The current population is 3500. The Narromine silo, owned by the New South Wales Grain Corporation, dominates the town. Wheat, citrus, fruit, vegetables, fat lambs, wool and especially cotton are the economic focus of the shire.


Narromine is located at the junction of the Mitchell and Newell Highways, 430 km north-west of Sydney via Mudgee and Dubbo. It is 45 km west of Dubbo and 238 metres above sea-level.

Origin of Name

Narromine was named after a corruption of a Wiradjuri word said to mean, ‘place of many lizards’ or ‘place of honey’. The word ‘Narramine’ was the name of a local property.

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