Frequently Asked Questions


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How do I navigate the site?

There are several ways to navigate on this site.

1.  The top menu bar. You will find this on the Home Page and all Inner Pages.

Home  About Us – Airstrips Articles – Farm and Station Stays – Towns near Airports – FAQ  Contact

Home – will take you back to the site’s first (home) page. You can also return to the home page from anywhere in the site by clicking on the site icon (plane with site title).

About Us – this page tells you about the site’s owners and why they created this site.

Airstrips – is an index page of all the airstrips on the site, listed in alphabetical order.

Articles – is a collection of stories about people, places and adventures. We’d love to hear your stories too!

Farm and Station Stays – lists farms and stations that have an airstrip on their property, and offer accommodation, food and tours.

Towns near Airports – have you ever wanted to visit a town and wondered if they have an airstrip? You can now browse our list of towns all over Australia, and check out their airstrip as well.

FAQ – answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact – enables you to contact us with any questions, ideas, stories etc. You can also enquire about advertising your business on the site.


2.  Fly to Amazing Places – This search section lets you choose ‘What’ you are looking for. Click to select either Airstrip, Attraction or Town, Station or Farm Stay or Restaurants. The next option enables you to choose ‘Where’ and all the states in Australia are listed. Click on the state you would like to go to. 


3.  Airstrips  – Locations  –  Local Attractions This panel of the above headings and images lets you:

Airstrips – Go to the index page of all airstrips

Locations – Takes you to all the towns and stations listed on the site

Local attractions – Will show you the major attractions, linked to towns across the country


4.  Choose your Airstrip – click on the ‘Find an Airstrip’ button on the image and you’ll be directed to the index of airstrips Australia-wide.


5.  Choose your State – on the interactive map, simply click on the state you require, and you will be taken to listings of all airstrips in that State, and a map showing their locations.


6.  Articles. The last section on the Home Page shows a snippet of the latest three articles added to the site. By clicking ‘Read More’ you will be taken to the complete article, plus other articles.


7.  Towns near Airstrips – ever wanted to visit a town but not sure if there is an airstrip there? The ‘Towns near Airstrips’  page lists all the towns with Airstrips close by. Just scroll down the page describing the town and it’s amenities, and you will find the ‘Nearest Airstrip’ link that will take you to that airstrip.

I see my business is listed, can I add to the information that is already there?

You certainly can. We added lots of businesses when constructing the site. In many cases we had limited information available on these businesses. If you would  like to really highlight your business, please refer to our advertising plans. We would be very happy to help you update and promote your business.

I know the name of the airstrip I'm looking for, how do I find it?

If you are looking for a particular Airstrip, the easiest way to access it is to click on ‘Airstrips across Australia’ in the top menu bar. This will take you to the alphabetical index of all airstrips in Australia. Alternatively, scroll down the homepage until you see the section entitled ‘Find an Airstrip’.

Which types of Airstrips are listed on the site?

Both registered and unregistered airstrips are listed on this site.

I would like to advertise my business on Country Airstrips Australia

Advertising on our site is as simple as creating a business listing. Click on the ‘+Add Listing’ button just above the main menu on the Home Page and choose your plan, then follow the steps as required. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to call us.

Can I upgrade my advertising plan?

Certainly. Many businesses have been added by us on a ‘free’ plan. Whilst they appreciate this, many find they would like to add more information. Simply contact us and we will walk you through upgrading your plan.