Canberra Airport Terminal. Country Airstrips Australia.

Navigating the Skies: An In-Depth Look at Canberra Airport ACT

Table of Contents Navigating the Skies: An In-Depth look at Canberra Airport ACT   Introduction For pilots and aviation enthusiasts, Canberra Airport, located in the heart of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), is more than just a gateway for travellers—it’s a hub of aviation excellence. With a rich history, state-of-the-art

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Glass cockpits seem here to stay - what are your thought? Country

Glass Cockpits in Modern Aviation: Navigating the New Skies

Glass Cockpits in Modern Aviation: Navigating the New Skies In recent years, the aviation skies have been evolving. Major GA aircraft brands like Cessna, Cirrus, and Mooney have transitioned from the classic analog dashboards to the cutting-edge glass cockpits. Even older birds are getting upgrades with contemporary avionics, from IFR-approved

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Glass Cockpits - advantage or distraction? Country Airstrips Australia

Technology in the Cockpit: A Dangerous Distraction for Pilots?

Table of Contents Technology in the Cockpit: A Dangerous Distraction for Pilots? In the golden age of aviation, pilots depended largely on their wit, experience, and analogue instruments. Fast forward to the 21st century, and aircraft cockpits have begun to resemble modern tech hubs. From multi-function displays (MFDs) to complex

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Cessna Aircraft. Country Airstrips Australia.

The Amazing Cessna 172 Engine – Runs at $20/hour

The amazing Cessna 172 engine that runs at $20 / hour. When I learned to fly in the 1980s, the school’s fleet was comprised of already decade-old Cessna 172s. Most of them clearly showed their age and the toll of countless training maneuvers, hard landings, and checkrides. The seats and

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An aviation accident upon landing at Maralinga SA. Country Airstrips Australia.

Be Clear about who is the Pilot in Command

Be clear about who is the pilot in command – before the flight begins. I was beginning to tire of CASA inventing mandatory ways for me to spend my money. Things such as – At an air show at Narromine I met a friend who had recently built a Savannah

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Top 10 Adventures Broome Horizontal Falls. Country Airstrips Australia.

Australia’s Air Adventures – Get ready to be Amazed

Australia’s Air Adventures – get ready to be amazed! Australia, a land of vast contrasts, offers pilots the chance to explore from the tropical north to the rugged south of this great land. In this article we encompass everything from coastal paradises to the mysterious outback. Do you have a

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The Convair B-36 Peacemaker. Country Airstrips Australia.

The Convair B-36 Peacemaker: Guardian of the Cold War Skies

The Convair B-36 Peacemaker In the annals of aviation, certain aircraft stand out. Not just for their technical achievements but also for the historical roles they played. Enter the Convair B-36 Peacemaker – a giant among giants. It was a marvel of its time, and a key player during the

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Vans RV 12. One of the must-fly aircraft for aviators. Country Airstrips Australia.

Must-Fly Aircraft for Every Aviator – Here is the Top Five

Table of Contents Piper Cub: The Luminary of American Aviation The Piper Cub, instantly recognizable by its radiant yellow exterior and unique taildragger configuration, is often credited as the foundation stone of general aviation in the United States. Its influence extended far beyond its design or performance; it was an

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When is too old to fly? Country Airstrips Australia.

The Age-Old Debate: When is Too Old to Fly?

When is too old to fly? How many years in the cockpit are too many? You know how it is. As pilots, we often wear our logged flight hours like badges of honor. More hours? More respect. It’s almost like the high score on an arcade game, where the numbers

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Abandoned Airfields Maylands Aerodrome WA.

Australia’s Abandoned Airstrips: What Happened?

Introduction Australia, with its expansive landscape and rich aviation history, is home to numerous abandoned airstrips. Many of these relics are often hidden by the encroaching bush or repurposed for modern use. However they hold tales of pioneering flights, wartime operations, and the golden era of aviation. Let’s journey through

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Aircraft Types - Corsair F4U. Country Airstrips Australia

The Corsair F4U: A Soaring Legacy in Aviation History

Introduction Few aircraft have left a mark on history quite like the Corsair F4U. Recognizable by its inverted gull wings and its roaring engine, the F4U Corsair is remembered not just for its distinctive design but for its prowess in the skies during World War II and the Korean War.

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Broome Camels at the Beach at sunset in WA. Country Airstrips Australia.

Top 10 Stunning Destinations for Pilots in Australia

Top 10 stunning destinations to fly into. Australia is home to a vast and diverse landscape, offering an array of picturesque and unique destinations for light aircraft pilots. Whether you’re after coastal retreats, rugged outback adventures, or serene rainforest getaways, Australia has something for everyone. Here are our top 10

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Aircraft propellers need constant maintenance to prevent damage. Country Airstrips Australia.

Is Your Aircraft Propeller Balanced?

Is your aircraft propeller balanced? Is your aircraft propeller balanced? Aircraft propeller balancing is a crucial process to ensure the optimal performance of an aircraft. It involves the fine-tuning of the propeller, thereby eliminating unnecessary vibrations and decreasing engine wear and tear. Propeller balancing process involves carefully executed steps using specialized

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Overcoming the Fear of Flying. Country Airstrips Australia.

The Fear of Flying – How to Overcome it

Overcoming the Fear of Flying in Light Aircraft: A Guide for the Concerned Spouse First and foremost, it is important that the pilot acknowledge his passengers feelings and concerns about flying, especially in light aircraft. Fear is a natural human emotion, and it’s not uncommon for individuals to have apprehensions

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There are great joys but many potential problems of landing at remote airstrips. Country Airstrips Australia.

Be Prepared for Remote Flying – Better Safe than Sorry

Table of Contents Being prepared for remote flying is essential – particularly if you have never done it before. As we all know. – fuel is one essential for flying, and there are massive distances between fuel outlets in the Australian outback. Do you have enough fuel? When the fuel

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The hidden benefits of learning to fly. Country Airstrips Australia.

The Hidden Benefits of Learning to Fly

There are many hidden benefits of learning to fly – what are they? Learning to fly takes time, dedication and commitment. But the reward can serve you in life far beyond flying an airplane. You probably know the benefits of flight – speed, saving time, maximising productivity – but have

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Cessna Pilots 172H. Country Airstrips Australia

What is the Problem with Cessna 172 Pilots?

Cessna 172 Pilots – is there a Problem? It appears to be personal… I did a bunch of safety studies in FLYING 15 or 20 years ago. From these studies I calculated accident rates for the airplanes studied. It was no surprise that the Cessna 172 came out well. The fatal accident

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Snowy Mtn Scheme NSW

The Most Scenic Airstrips in Australia

The most scenic airstrips in Australia – Where are they? Which are the most scenic airstrips in Australia? We asked this question to our Country Airstrips Australia Facebook group, and group members were quick to let us know their favourites. Queensland came out in front with the most airstrips selected

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Robinson Helicopter involved in a Fatal Accident

Poor Helicopter Design Causes Tragic Accident

Poor helicopter design causes a tragic accident. A coroner has recommended black boxes become mandatory for all helicopters They also called for a ban on Robinson helicopter flights during turbulence and speed restrictions More research is needed to understand mast-bumping and rotor blade divergence in Robinsons If Stephen Combe and

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Pilot Characteristics

Why are Pilots like That?

Why Are Pilots Like That? Have you ever talked to a cop who is off duty? There’s something there…it still seeps through. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but he seems cop-like. As I am sitting in an FBO drinking their free coffee (and wondering how often they clean the

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The world first flying car

FAA Approves Flying Car – World First!

FAA Approves Flying Car – World First! A Ferrari-red flying car could soon become every commuter’s dream come true: It would fly over miles of gridlock to work, land and then drive a mile or two to their parking spaces. Samson Sky’s Switchblade, which has been 14 years in the

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Boeing 707 Flown by Tex Johnston

Barrel Roll in a Boeing 707

A barrel roll in a Boeing 707 – what was he thinking! Alvin “Tex” Johnston was born in Admire, Kansas in August of 1914, to a farming family. He took his first flight in 1925, at the age of eleven, when a barnstormer landed near his home. On that day,

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The new Van's RV-15 aircraft

Van’s Aircraft RV-15 : The Great Reveal

Van’s Aircraft RV-15 : The Great Reveal. Van’s Aircraft’s developmental RV-15 is getting a lot of interest these days. Mainly fuelled by a new video promising an “invisible feature” hit the internet today. Pre-AirVenture speculation is high With pre-AirVenture speculation running high, one of the biggest anticipated stories is the

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Helicopter Good or Lucky

Is it Better to be Lucky or Good?

Is it better to be lucky or good? False choice. Cover the board and aim for both lucky and good. Although this philosophical mobius strip leads to the inevitable conclusion that skill has a lot to do with making luck. I’m blathering on about this because just six months ago I wrote

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Make sure you are insured for flying comps

Airshow Displays and Flying Comps – Are You Covered?

Airshow displays and flying comps – are you covered? I’m covered for flying comps and airshow displays………. aren’t I? Well, have a read of your policy and you will find that you are probably not. All aircraft policies include a range of defined uses, shown on your policy as “standard

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What's causing the processing delays at CASA?

Processing Delays at CASA. What’s the Problem?

Processing delays at CASA. What’s the problem? A convergence of several issues is contributing to delays processing requests at CASA according to Director of Aviation Safety and CEO Pip Spence. Spence told the RotorTech conference last week that CASA was dealing with a significant backlog of applications across a range

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Qantas simulator

Want to be a Pilot at Qantas?

Here’s a guide to the airline’s training programs JEAN LIM Want to be a Pilot at Qantas? Boeing recently released it’s Pilot and Technician Outlook for 2021-2040. It anticipates 612,000 new pilots are needed to fly and maintain the global commercial fleet over the next 20 years. Before the pandemic, the

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Can a simulator train pilots better than an aircraft?

Best Pilot Training – Aircraft or Simulator?

Is the best pilot training provided in an aircraft or simulator? Why practise in a simulator when an aircraft provides a more realistic experience? Well, for a start, it does not. A training device can teach a pilot to prepare for a host of scenarios and ultimately become a safer

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Bluey Truscott fighter pilot and war hero

Mungalalu-Truscott Airbase and it’s Famous Namesake

Mungalalu-Truscott Airbase: A Heritage Place Mungalalu-Truscott airbase has been classified and entered into the Council of the National Trust of Australia (WA). This is a list of Heritage Places due to their significance during World War II and the remaining artefacts. The Trust may in future nominate the Base for

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Pipistrel Velis Electro Pilot

First Private Pilot Certificate Earned in Electric Plane

Pilot Shane Fisher has the first private pilot certificate earned in an electric plane. He performed his check ride in Pipistrel’s battery-powered Velis Electro. A student pilot has earned a private pilot certificate using an electric plane, for the first time in the U.S. Shane Fisher flew his check ride

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Eastern Airlines Logo

The Light Bulb that Brought Down a Jet

The Light Bulb that Brought Down a Jet. Posted by Aviation For Aviators The light bulb that brought down a jet is the story of an Eastern Airlines aircraft that crashed. On the 29th of December 1972, Eastern Airlines flight 401 is flying between JFK, New York, and Miami Airport,

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Camping near your aircraft - Country Airstrips Australia

How to Camp When Flying

: Tips for Sleeping, Safety, and Gear How to camp when flying. Camping when flying can be a great experience, but it’s important to know how to do it safely. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips for camping when flying in a light aircraft. We’ll cover sleeping arrangements,

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Old Barr Airstrip, A key refuelling site

The History of Old Bar Airstrip

The history of Old Bar Airstrip is fascinating! In the 1920s, George Bunyan, the caretaker of a reserve at the small coastal town of Old Bar in northern New South Wales, decided to create an airstrip for some extra revenue, a place where people could refuel and take a break. It was a humble beginning for a small

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Maralinga Airfield SA

Who is the Pilot in Command?

Who is the pilot in command? A faulty assumption leads to an accident Maralinga is a 3,000 sq km section of desert in South Australia. The British Government tested atomic weapons there in the 1950s. In the 1990s, the Australian government completed a successful decontamination of the site. Though my

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Country Airstrips Australia unleaded avgas - a possibility?

USA Approves Unleaded AVGAS

The USA approves unleaded AVGAS, AOPA has reported. Hundreds more engines have been approved to use unleaded AVGAS. Do you think Australia will follow? A growing list of approved engines Approximately 611 engines are included in an approved model list (October 28). With the more limited number of approvals GAMI announced

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Esperance Farmer builds his own Airstrip for water bombers

Farmer Builds Airstrip : Bushfire Season Approaches

Farmer builds airstrip as bush fires season approaches. A strip of gravel on Peter Kirchner’s Munglinup property is easing his nerves about the looming bushfire season.  Key points from the Esperance Bushfire Tragedy A coroner investigating deadly Esperance fires said water bombers needed better access to the region A farmer

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US System for Pilot Medical changes - Country Airstrips Australia

BasicMed – A US System for Certifying Pilots

On July 15, 2016, Congress passed legislation to extend the FAA’s funding. This legislation, FAA Extension, Safety, Security Act of 2016(FESSA) includes relief from holding an FAA medical certificate for certain pilots. This relief is called BasicMed. BasicMed offers pilots an alternative to the FAA’s medical qualification process for third class medical certificates. Under BasicMed,

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Pilot medical feature image

PPL Privileges for DL9 and Class 2 Medicals

PPL privileges for DL9 and Class 2 medicals – how do they compare? Please note: To be able to fly on a DL9 driver licence medical certificate, your DL9 needs to be at least a Class 2 (2,3,4,5) medical certificate with passenger (P) endorsement. Comparisons of PPL vs RPL privleges

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FLYING IN New Zealand with new medical standards

Flying To Be More Accessible With New Medical Standard

Flying is more accessible with new medical standard introduced in New Zealand. Please note: To be able to fly on a DL9 driver licence medical certificate, your DL9 needs to be at least a Class 2 (2,3,4,5) medical certificate with passenger (P) endorsement. Changes to New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Rules

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AI Controlling Aircraft - the future of aviation

Single-pilot aircraft with AI: A new future reality?

Would you fly in a single pilot aircraft with AI (artificial intelligence)? Airbus Chief Technology Officer, Grazia Vittadini, said that the European aerospace giant is currently working on a single-pilot aircraft model to meet rising air travel demand. Demand for air travel doubles every 15-20 years. This results in more

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Medical certification of fit to fly

Medical Certification – are you Fit to Fly?

Medical certification – are you fit to fly in Australia? Over the last few years the approach to assessing whether a pilot is medically fit to fly has changed. It is moving towards trying to quantify the risk of total incapacitation due to some medical emergency. There have always been

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Rottnest Island Quokka

Rottnest Island Western Australia – Home of the amazing Quokka

Rottnest Island in Western Australia is located just 19 kilometres off the coast of Perth. Rottnest Island’s tranquil setting will make you feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rotto, as it’s affectionately called, is easily reached by a short ferry ride from the mainland. It

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