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About Us

Our story

What is Country Airstrips Australia?

 I am a web developer, my husband is an aircraft engineer, and we love flying!

Our plane, a Vans RV-7A was built by my husband and son, and was truly a labour of love. They enjoyed the building process almost as much as flying it. We have a hangar at Serpentine Airfield in Western Australia, owned and run by the SABC. The Serpentine Aircraft Builders Club (SABC) is a large group of like-minded aviation enthusiasts who, like us, enjoy flying.

The vision for Country Airstrips Australia came from our love of exploring country locations and the outback by air.

We found that there wasn’t one comprehensive online site to find information on airstrips, transport, accommodation, food and local attractions. Often we would plan a day trip – and wanted to know if we could walk to the local town, and if not, was there transport available at the airport? Once in town, where could we go for lunch, and were there any great attractions we should see in the town?
There wasn’t a ‘one stop shop’ for all this information (and more) so, we built one!

Flying in the RV over central Australia

The Country Airstrips Australia website is a planning tool for pilots flying within Australia. The site provides:

1.  Information about the airstrip you are flying to (always double check information with ERSA prior to flight).

2.  Distance to the nearest town.

3.  Availability of transport from the airstrip to the town, accommodation or restaurant.

4.  Links to information about the nearest town, plus accommodation, food and attraction options.

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If you are:

  • A Flight School
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  • A hotel
  • A tour provider
  • Or any other service that provides support to light aircraft and / or the tourist industry

You need to list on Country Airstrips Australia.

We provide:

Contact with thousands of aviators from all over Australia

Very reasonable listing rates

Control of your listing to make changes or add to your information

Option to create full-page listings