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Disclaimer: This website does not override or replace regulatory publications. It is the pilot’s responsibility to ensure they meet the current regulatory requirements for the operation and destination of their planned flights.
There are thousands of airports scattered across Australia.
Most are in country regions, but some are relatively close to major cities, and perfect for day flights. Our site aims to provide you with:
  –  planning information for airstrips,
  –  cafes and restaurants near airstrips,
  –  accommodation, and
  –  local attractions – where ever you would like to go.
Our site offers three ways to plan. You can plan by airstrip, location (town or remote station), or a particular attraction you are keen to visit.
Country Airstrips Australia

There are thousand of small country airstrips scattered throughout Australia. How many have you visited? If you are planning a flight, check out our airstrips guide to find all the information you need.

Would you like to visit a town or outback station and need to locate the nearest airstrip? Use our guide to help you plan your trip, including the distance from the airstrip to the town, and ways to get there from the airstrip.

Have you always wanted to visit Wave Rock, or Kalbarri’s famous gorges or the iconic Lake Eyre? With our guide you can find the nearest airstrip and also the accommodation and sightseeing options.

Station stays WA - Wooleen Station

Station Stays

Farm Stays

There are many cattle and sheep stations around Australia that offer tourism experiences for visitors. Station Stays give you insight into true outback life and are a unique kind of accommodation; many station owners open their homes to visitors and encourage you to ‘make yourself at home’ during your stay.

Mornington Wilderness Camp provides a shady, creek-side campground with ablution blocks, hot showers and communal BBQ’s. The spacious campground offers a peaceful experience, even in the north-west’s peak season.

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There are thousands of small country airstrips scattered all over this great land of ours.

Search our index of airstrips for amazing places to go!

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So much to do…..some many places to go. Where will you choose?

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Esperance, WA

Esperance is blessed with beautiful white sand, turquoise waters, untouched islands and colourful wildflower country. A beach and ..