Narromine Airport New South Wales


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Country Airstrips Australia Narromine Airport
Narromine Airport New South Wales

Narromine Airport in New South Wales is Australia’s oldest regional aeroclub. In the 1920s and 30s, the region attracted many of the famous aviators of the day, including Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Jean Batten and Arthur Butler.
But it was not until World War II, when the airfield was developed by the military, that it began to resemble the modern-day facility. It was used as part of the Empire Training Scheme and hosted the No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School from 1940-44 and the No.8 Operational Training Unit RAAF from 1942-44. In 1945, it briefly hosted an RAF squadron of de Havilland Mosquito bombers set up for anti-shipping attacks in the Pacific as well as fighters from the No. 93 Squadron RAAF.

The post-war years saw the airfield used as a bad-weather alternate for Sydney’s Mascot airport and as a Qantas training facility.
Lockheed Super Constellations became a regular sight in Narromine in the 1950s as Qantas conducted pilot check and training flights.  The airline’s Hawker Siddley HS-125s would still be using the airfield in the early 70s.

A century after it all began, Narromine Airport is still steeped in aviation, with its long-lived aero club now complemented by a world-renowned gliding club. It celebrates its history with an aviation museum featuring a Wright Flyer replica that attracted a 2005 visit from Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, as well as a fully-restored 1938 Corben Super Ace kit plane and an original 1953 Hawkridge Venture glider.

Country Airstrips Australia Narromine runway info
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
04 / 22 : 11 / 29
GPS Position
-32° 1252 South
148° 1329
ALA Code
Strip Length
1100 : 1521
WAC Chart
3456, 3457
Melbourne Centre
123.9 Circuit area
Strip Surface
Both RWY sealed
Narromine Shire
(02) 6889 9999
ARO 0408 852 931
1 – Midway between
04/29 and S side of TWY C
1 – N of RWY 22 THR
ASIC Security/Vis Vest
AVGAS H24 Inland Petroleum
0428 607 372 or
0417 260 031
Distance to Town
1 NM
11/29 PAL 122.4
Aircraft Parking
Closest taxi is at Dubbo
Country Car Hire
1300 668 779
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7
Gliders operate common circuits from strips alongside both RWS.
Simultaneous OPS not permitted.
Glider strips marked by orange gables.

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