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Meekatharra Airport Western Australia


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Meekatharra Aerial view of runways - Country Airstrips Australia
Meekatharra Airport Western Australia

Meekatharra Airport in Western Australia services the isolated town of Meekatharra. The airport is used by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and scheduled passenger flights.

The original airfield was gravel runways east of town. In 1943, the RAAF A1 class Government Aerodrome No. 872 was built at Meekatharra as part of the Commonwealth Government’s Second World War defence program. The aerodrome was designed to take heavy bombers with two sealed runways: east-west (7000 feet / 2,100 metres) and south-west (5,000 feet / 1,500 metres). It was one of a number of landing places intended for evacuation in the event of an enemy attack on the coast. The Department of Civil Aviation took over responsibility after the War and a terminal was built in 1958. Meekatharra is used as an emergency landing place for large passenger aircraft that have to be diverted from Perth due to fog or bad weather. One such event in 1977 involved a plane carrying then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and his wife Tammy, who was heard to describe the place as ‘the end of the earth’, a description which stuck. In 1993 the Shire of Meekatharra took over the airport operation.

Area Forecast
Strip Direction
09 / 27 : 15 / 33
GPS Position
26° 3642 S
118° 3252 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
2181 : 1065
WAC Chart
Melbourne Centre
122.6 on Ground
Strip Surface
Sealed : Red Sand Silt
Shire of Meekatharra
(08) 9980 0600
ARO 0417 968 115
1 – LH side of RWY 09
at threshold
1 – between RWYs
15 and 27
ASIC Security/Vis Vest
AVGAS & Jet A1
Swipe card bowser
0417 968 115
Distance to Town
2.9 NM
09 / 27 PAL + AFRU
Aircraft Parking
W of TWY A
Trenfield Motors Car
& 4WD Hire
(08) 9981 1090
0408 899 178
Landing Fees
Non VH reg ACFT to pay
AP manager via EFPOS
on arrival.

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.55
If using RWY 15 / 33 broadcast intentions to backtrack to RWY 09 / 27 and then via TWY A.

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