Jurien Bay WA


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Jurien Bay WA - a seaside haven for fishermen.

Jurien Bay in WA is a seaside resort town devoted to recreational fishing, tourism and professional cray fishing.

A very sleepy coastal village, the town became a major port from rock lobster fishing in the 1950s. This led, inevitably, to holiday makers. Today it is home to an impressive marina and popular with travellers wanting to enjoy the attractions of the area.

The town is situated at the southern end of Jurien Bay, which stretches over 9 km from Island Point at the south to North Head. The waters of the bay are sheltered by a string of islands and reefs which lie just off the coast.

The town has been built on low lying sand ridges beside the beach. It is characterised by holidaymaker and weekend angler cottages.

How did Jurien Bay get it’s name?

In 1801 a French expedition led by Thomas Nicholas Baudin and Louis-Claude Desaules de Freycinet mapped and named much of the coastline. Two ships – Le Geographe and the Casuarina – sailed up the coast of Western Australia. They mapped and collected samples of the local fauna and flora as they progressed.

Freycinet, a brilliant cartographic surveyor, took soundings and surveyed Jurien Bay. He named the bay after Charles Marie, Vicomte Jurien, of the French Naval Administration.

Why go to Jurien Bay?

Fishing at Jurien Bay is a popular sport. Country Airstrips Australia
Fishing at Jurien Bay

This is a town where holidaymakers come to fish and swim on the superb and peaceful beaches. Most find it an enjoyable time away from more crowded holiday resorts.

For swimmers there is the quiet option of the beach at the marina/harbour. The more adventurous choose the surf beaches which stretch to the north and south of the town.

The area is characterised by beautiful white sandy beaches and quietness. This is ideal for families and those not wanting the hustle and bustle of more high profile beach destinations.

Learn more about Jurien Bay

Turkuoise Coast Visitor Centre, Jurien Bay

There is so much to learn about, see, do and experience in Jurien Bay. Start with the Turquoise Coast Visitor Centre – it is an excellent resource for everything Jurien Bay has to offer!

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