Attractions in Jurien Bay


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Segway Tour

Segway Tours - Attractions in Jurien Bay WA
Attractions in Jurien Bay – Segway Tour

Looking for adventurous attractions in Jurien Bay? Try the Segway Tour.

Learn the history of Jurien Bay while enjoying your ride along the marina. Learn about the artificial reefs, classic jetties and the many islands that touch the horizon. As our guide takes you to the ANZAC memorial you can learn about the war history of Jurien Bay.

Excellent tour – Geoff was very informative and helpful. We had a great time! Can recommend this as a nice family outing together. And the segways were alot easier to handle than they first appear!


Address: Chariots of Hire, Jurien Bay
Phone: +61 427 346 555

Sea Lion Interactions

Jurien Bay Oceanic Experience is an interactive marine tourism business. We have over 40 years of expertise navigating the magical, turquoise waters of Jurien Bay. 

Snorkelling with sea lions is one of the unforgettable experiences on the famous Indian Ocean Drive in Western Australia. We aim to enrich the lives of our guests through a deeper understanding of marine life. We find the ocean environment leaves us in awe, and our guests will too!

A proud, local family business, we are devoted to the care of our oceans. We live and breathe the salty sea air! Our Jurien Bay Tours include Sea Lion Interactions, Fishing Charters and Rock Lobster Catch, Cook & Keep expeditions. We go the extra mile to ensure our guests are comfortable, safe and exhilarated by nature.

Swim with Sea Lions

Attractions in Jurien Bay - Seal Lion Interaction
Attractions in Jurien Bay – Seal Lion Interaction

The protected islands in the Jurien Bay Marine Park are home to a colony of Australian Sea Lions. These beautiful creatures are native to Australia and found only in small colonies along the southern coastline of WA and SA.

In generations past, sea lions were hunted for their fur resulting in their sustainability being placed at risk. They are now regarded as a ‘vulnerable’ species to be protected under Australian Law.

Playful and inquisitive, the sea lions frolic safely in the sheltered coves of Essex Rocks. They willingly interact with snorkelers in the water. At Jurien Bay Ocean Experiences, we are committed to the safety of our Sea Lion colony and our guests.

We have guides in the water and on kayaks to assist guests with interacting with the sea lions. This ensures they have the most engaging, yet respectful interaction possible, whilst enjoying the joy that comes from seeing wildlife thrive in their natural habitat.

Where: Jurien Bay
Phone: (08) 9652 2436 | 0432 806 234