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Gawler South Australia - Country Airstrips Australia

Gawler is a modern city which, while it was the first inland town outside Adelaide in South Australia, today it has become the edge of Adelaide’s northern sprawl. The town was originally laid out by William Jacob to a plan which had been drawn up by Colonel William Light who had designed Adelaide.

It was very consciously located beside a river and surrounded by rolling hills. This pleasant environment led to it being called the ‘Athens of the South’. Today it attracts people who do not want to live in Adelaide and consequently it has substantial communities of retirees and young families.

Today the town’s primary appeal lies in its rich, early heritage. There are excellent walks around the town which reveal the historic importance of this early inland settlement.

Gawler has a long and rich heritage beginning with the Kaurna people, who are recognised as the Town’s original inhabitants. Following European Settlement, the Town of Gawler became South Australia’s first regional settlement. Gawler and Adelaide are the only two South Australian settlements that were surveyed by Colonel William Light.

The Gawler community recognises and highly values this cultural heritage. Gawler’s community remains steadfast in its desire to protect and reinforce its unique character.

Gawler’s rich history is evident through its built and natural form including its striking architecture, heritage collections, natural riverine environments, large areas of open space and traditional ‘main street’. Today the local community benefits from its surrounds and this rich history is reflected in many community events and festivals.

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