Attractions in Gawler


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Old Telegraph Station Museum

The museum portrays the local history of Gawler and district with displays of objects in context, located in a Heritage-listed building. This is a fine two-story stone structure initially built to house a telegraph office and first used in 1861.

Gawler Old Telegraph Station Museum - Country Airstrips Australia

Subsequent uses include a school of mines and an electoral office, and most recently for the Gawler Museum. Significant items in the museum’s collection include:

  • A Triola,
  • Aoelian Orchestralle,
  • Box piano,
  • Paternosters’ musical instrument,
  • John McKinlay’s travelling chests,
  • Timer fashion dresses and
  • Hoffman’s pottery.

Address: 59 Murray Street Gawler 5118 SA
Phone: (08) 8523 1082

Gawler’s Historic Main Street Walking Tour

Gawler Main Street Walking tour - Country Airstrips Australia

Take a self-guided walking tour along Gawler’s historic Main Street and learn the fascinating history of the area.

Gawler’s Historic Main Street reflects colonel William Lights vision; to create a settlement that could prosper on the banks of the north and south Para Rivers, bounded by rolling hills and within close proximity to Adelaide. Today you can witness the remarkable eras from the historical buildings that line Gawler’s Main Street.

The attractive setting, coupled with major roles in the mining and agricultural booms of the 1860s, 70s and 80s saw Gawler blossom into a town of broad streets, peaceful parklands and distinctive architecture. As the walk unfolds you will gain an appreciation of the achievements that our ancestors accomplished in times of challenging environmental and social harshness.

Maps and information for the self-guided tour can be collected from the Gawler Visitor Information Centre.

Address: Gawler Visitor Information Centre, 2 Lyndoch Road, Gawler East,
Phone: (08) 8522 9260