Gawler Airport South Australia


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Country Airstrips Australia - Gawler Airport, South Australia
Gawler Airport, South Australia

Gawler Airport is located in Gawler, South Australia. The aerodrome is owned by the Light Regional Council of South Australia and is managed on their behalf by the Adelaide Soaring Club (ASC).

The ASC moved to Gawler from Virginia in 1950 and has been flying gliders at Gawler ever since. In 1998 the club spread its wings further and ventured into the world of powered flight in the Recreational Aviation category with the purchase of an Australian made Jabiru. All of the instructors are volunteers and fully qualified which makes training at the ASC very affordable. The ASC continues to train pilots in both Gliding and Light Sports Aircraft (LSA) today and maintains a modern fleet of aircraft.

The Country Fire Service (CFS) operates its water bombers from this airfield during the bush fire season as required. The location of the airfield has been instrumental in fighting bush fires in this region.

Gawler Airstrip, South Australia - Country Airstrips Australia
Gawler Airstrip, South Australia
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
05 / 23 : 13 / 31
GPS Position
34° 3555 S
138° 4317 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1245 : 1034
WAC Chart
Adelaide Centre
Strip Surface
Grass : Grass
Light Regional Council
OP – Adelaide Soaring Club
(08) 8522 1877
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS available with prior
Distance to Town
4.2 KM
Aircraft Parking
Gawler Taxi
(08) 8523 1366
Gawler Car Rental
0408 783 045
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.55
Duty RWY is the RWY in use by any glider OP.
All TKOF to commence in front of glider OP.
In light and variable winds use RWY 23 or 31.
Circuit directions LHC RWY 05 and 31, RHC RWY 13 and 23.
In unforeseen circumstances and/or training may see ACFT fly contra or unusual circuits.
Caution Edinburgh MIL CTR boundary approx. 1000M from RWY 13 threshold. Refer to VTC and DAH.
More information refer to

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