Attractions in Bairnsdale, Victoria


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East Gippsland Rail Trail

Attractions in Bairnsdale. East Gippsland Rail Trail Country Airstrips Australia
East Gippsland Rail Trail

Looking for attractions in Bairnsdale Victoria? A great one to try is the East Gippsland Rail Trail.

What are rail trails?

Rail trails are shared-use paths recycled from abandoned railway corridors. They can be used for walking, cycling and horse riding.

Where are they?

There are now rail trails all around Australia and in other countries too. Rail trails link big and small country towns and meander through scenic countryside just as railways did in the past.

What are they like?

Most trails have a gravel or dirt surface suitable for walking, mountain bikes and horses. Some are sealed and are great for touring bikes too.

Following the route of the railways, they cut through hills, under roads, over embankments and across gullies and creeks. Apart from being great places to walk, cycle or horse ride, rail trails are linear conservation corridors protecting native plants and animals. They often link remnant vegetation in farming areas and contain valuable flora and fauna habitat. Wineries and other attractions are near many trails as well as B&B’s and other great places to stay.

Are the rails still there?

The rails are usually removed when a railway is closed, but remnants of the past such as railway cuttings and bridges still remain.

The East Gippsland Rail Trail

BUSHFIRE UPDATE – EAST GIPPSLAND RAIL TRAIL IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The short burnt section has now been inspected for dangerous burnt trees and is now READY TO RIDE!!

  • A long rail trail, which passes through a variety of forest and farmland
  • Ideal for multi-day tour or shorter day trips
  • Lots of huge old timber bridges, railway cuttings and embankments
  • Some low-level diversions around bridges from Bruthen on are quite steep.
  • Occasional views of the Gippsland Lakes
  • Rich variety of birds and other wildlife
  • Small towns and villages providing meals and accommodation options
  • Option to divert onto the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail to Lakes Entrance

East Gippsland Art Gallery

Attractions in Bairnsdale. East Gippsland Art Gallery Country Airstrips Australia

One of the popular attractions in Bairnsdale Victoria is the East Gippsland Art Gallery. The Gallery is the centre for visual arts in East Gippsland celebrating the diverse artistic spirit of the region through a vibrant and dynamic program of art and cultural experiences for the whole family. 

We are open to bold ideas, different ways of seeing and championing the visual arts and artists in our region. We are passionate about engaging and inspiring the next generation of art lovers in our community. Every month we have exhibition openings, artist talks, events and art workshops. Experience the ever-changing environment and amazing opportunities and experiences our gallery offers.


East Gippsland Art Gallery was established in 1992 by the then City of Bairnsdale after being approached by local residents concerned that there was no public gallery in East Gippsland. Initially, East Gippsland Art Gallery was provided with one room at its current address, which it soon outgrew. Fortunately, it was eventually able to utilise all of the building as exhibition space. Renovations carried out in 2003 greatly improved exhibition facilities, opened up the foyer and created a display area for a gallery shop that stocks a range of local fine art and craft items.

East Gippsland Art Gallery’s exhibition calendar is quite remarkable for a small gallery with only 3 part-time staff and is recognised for its dynamic interaction and engagement with its community.

Phone: (03) 5153 1988