Attractions in Alpha


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Drummond Range Lookout

Attractions in Alpha include the amazing Drummond Range, and the story of how it was formed.

The storm roars on as rain lashes the region and wind bends the trees in incredible arcs. Rivers and lakes swell from their comfortable grooves through the rainforest as mud oozes over the landscape, trapping flora and fauna in the moment. Welcome to Alpha 200 million years ago. Beware of mudslides – or you might become fossilized too!

Stone Age in the Drummond Range
Alpha and the surrounding region offer evidence of an incredible geo journey. As you hold a piece of fossilized wood, or admire the Drummond Range, you are connected to an ancient story. Violent volcanoes, dramatic shifts in the earth’s crust and years of harsh environmental changes have drastically transformed this landscape.

265- 235 million years ago the Drummond Range formed when crustal compression occurred, folding the sediments and uplifting the terrain.

Around 1884 pioneers settled further west along the Tropic of Capricorn, the town of Alpha was established over the Drummond Range. The name taken from the Greek word meaning – “the beginning” – is claimed by locals as the beginning of the west and the entrance to the Central Highlands. Today the Drummond Range sits at 451 metres above sea level and residents and visitors to Alpha still find fossilized wood today, reminding them of the region’s Geo Journey.

Where: A short detour from the Capricorn Highway.

Tivoli Theatre Museum

Tivoli Theatre, Alpha - Country Airstrips Australia

Another of the attractions in Alpha that highlights the history of the town is the Tivoli Theatre Museum.

Behind the Alpha Tourist Information Centre in Shakespeare Street is our Tivoli Theatre Museum that houses a collection of memorabilia from the early settlement days of Alpha through to the modern era.

The latest addition to the collection is a mural depicting a horseman at sunset, generously painted by a Grey Nomad.

Address: 43 Shakespeare Street, Alpha