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Alpha Queensland


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Alpha Queensland - Country Airstrips Australia

Alpha describes itself as ‘The Gateway to the West’. It is now a small service centre in western Queensland serving the surrounding rural area which is known as one of the richest cattle-raising areas in the state.

Today it is a quiet town which is a stopover point for people exploring the vastness of the state.

The region is famous for its petrified wood and you can see firsthand the sculpture by Cedar Creek artist Antone Bruinsma.  It is a representation of a boulder that has been opened to reveal its treasures and mysteries with the Fossilised Forest Sculpture in the main street.  The exterior of the sculpture has interesting forms, carvings and stone attachments to reflect the history of the prehistoric area in which petrified wood formed.

Take a leisurely walk around the ‘Town of Murals’ and view the 27 murals Alpha has to offer.  The murals have been painted by local resident artists and beautifully pay tribute to the pioneers of the bush and the history of the district.

You can soak up Alpha’s history at the Jane Neville Rolfe Art Gallery, the Tivoli Theatre Museum, the New Bridge, Beta Hut and Settlers Park.


Alpha is located in western Queensland 1046 km from Brisbane via Roma and 1066 km via Rockhampton. It lies 247 km due east of Longreach.^ TOP

Origin of Name

Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet. It was used, for reasons unknown, by the earliest European settlers in the region as the name for a station – Alpha Station – which was established in 1863. The town adopted the name.

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