Wentworth Aerodrome NSW


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Wentworth Aerodrome NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Wentworth Aerodrome NSW

The Wentworth Aerodrome in NSW is situated about five kilometres from the town of Wentworth.

The aerodrome consists of two runways with full-length taxiway access and Pilot Activated Lighting (PAL) allowing 24-hour operation.

The aerodrome has two-sealed parking/tie-down aprons for both day and night operation.

Runway, Taxiway and Apron lighting being PAL operated with standby generator back up.

24-hour Avgas facility with swipe card (MC/V only) operation.

Public amenities are limited to toilets.

Local accommodation houses will pick up patrons from Wentworth aerodrome.

The aerodrome is also home to the Sunraysia Sports Aircraft Club and is usually busiest at weekends for recreational flyers in light and ultra-light craft.

Wentworth Aerodrome’s traffic includes visits by emergency services including the police and flying doctor, as well as visiting government dignitaries and officials and many private aircraft.

Area Forecast
22 / 30
Strip Direction
08 / 26 : 17 / 35
GPS Position
34° 0516 S
141° 5331 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1400 : 936
WAC Chart
Melb Centre 122.1 Circuit area
Strip Surface
Sealed : Natural Surface
Owner / Operator
Shire of Wentworth
(03) 5027 5027
ARO 0429 952 796
LH side of RWYS 08, 17 and 35
1 on E side of TMC
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS Bowser
MC and Visa cards
Distance to Town
1.8 NM
08 / 26 PAL 120.05
Aircraft Parking
Yes – $11 / day
Landing Fees
Yes – $16
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 118.8

RH circuits for RWY 17 and 26.
Avoid flying over Wentworth township.
Animal hazards.

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