The Cardamon Pod Byron Bay, NSW


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The Cardamon Pod Byron Bay, Country Airstrips Australia

At the Cardamon Pod, we are inspired by the art of creative tasty cuisine. We take pleasure when folks benefit on a healthy and happy level from the foods we prepare.

Our careers started doing non-profit catering for events like music festivals, vegetarian clubs at Universities. We also did food relief food for life, and cooking large feasts for Krishna temples around the world.

In the late nineties we were fortunate to become the head chefs in the famous Govindas’ group of restaurants in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

We also started the now omnipresent Byron Bay Bliss Balls. They are now a very popular gluten-free snack. We started the first restaurant in Byron 14 years ago.

We are excited to be sharing global food trends, scrumptious recipes, unique and exotic mock-tails. Also lots of tidbits about the art of food from a healthy and tasty perspective.