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The Queenstown Airstrip in Tasmania (also known as Howard’s Plains aerodrome, Queenstown aerodrome, Queenstown Air Strip, or Queenstown landing ground) is a former airport, now an unregistered landing ground located at Howard’s Plains west of Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia.

The aerodrome was constructed in the late 1930s from funding from the Commonwealth government for municipal aerodromes. It was in use the 1937, but not without difficulties being encountered.

Early proposals of regular passenger services to the aerodrome were made in the late 1940s and early 1950s. However, upgrades and improvements were noted in 1940 to be required for the aerodrome to be licensed for passenger traffic.

It is claimed the first passenger landed at the aerodrome in 1946. In 1950 serious doubts were being addressed about the unreliable weather conditions at the aerodrome. However, in 1953, there was a serious proposal to promote the licence for the aerodrome for emergency medical transport.

Queenstown, the largest town in Tasmania’s west, is surrounded by dramatic hills and mountains and was once the world’s richest mining town. The copper mining and mass logging in the early 1900s created a surreal and rocky ‘moonscape’ of bare coloured conglomerate. It’s also close to the edge of Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Area and surrounded by great fishing lakes.

Country Airstrips Australia - Queenstown Airstrip, Tasmania
Queenstown Airstrip, Tasmania
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
09 / 27
GPS Position
42° 0432 S
145° 3151 E
ALA Code
Strip Length

WAC Chart
Melbourne Centre
123.95 Circuit area
Strip Surface
Natural surface
West Coast Council
(03) 64714700
ARO 0409 481 983
ASIC Security/Vis Vest
Distance to Town
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Aircraft ParkingTransportLanding Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 124.2
Night ops not permitted without prior approval from CASA South Regional Office Moorabbin.
RWY 18 / 36 only to be used for taxiing.
PPR for all OPs

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