Port Pirie Airport South Australia


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Country Airstrips Australia - Port Pirie Airport

Port Pirie Airport is an airport that is located 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) south of Port Pirie, South Australia. The airport is owned by the Port Pirie Regional Council.

The airfield was a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) station and home to No. 2 Bombing and Gunnery School (No. 2 BAGS) during World War II. No. 2 BAGS provided bombing and gunnery training for pilots, air observers and air gunners. No. 2 Operational Training Unit was formed at Port Pirie on 6 April 1942 and operated initially with Wirraways and Fairey Battles at the aerodrome until it moved to Mildura, Victoria in May 1942. No. 2 BAGS was renamed No. 3 Air Observers School in December 1943. After World War II, the station housed No. 5 Central Recovery Depot where aircraft and parts were stored until disposal. The station closed in early 1947, with the aerodrome reverting to civilian use thereafter. A Bellman hangar is still standing at the airport and is in good condition, it remains in use by light aircraft based at the airport.

Country Airstrips Australia - Port Pirie Airport, South Australia
Port Pirie Airport, South Australia
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
03 / 21 : 08 / 26 : 17 / 35
GPS Position
33° 1420 S
137° 5942 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
672 : 1043 : 1069
WAC Chart
Melbourne Centre
123.9 on Ground
Strip Surface
Natural : Sealed : Gravel
Port Pirie Council
(08) 8633 9777
ARO 0407 602 077
1 – LH side RWY 26 near THR
1 – N side RWY 08/26 near TWY
connecting 17 and 08
ASIC Security/Vis Vest
Port Pirie Aviation Fuel
AVGAS & Jet A1 Swipe bowsers VISA, MC
0407 602 077
No carnet cards accepted.
Distance to Town
3 NM
08/26 PAL 119.6
Aircraft Parking
(08) 8633 1888
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7

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