Port Hedland Airport WA


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Port Hedland Airport WA, Country Airstrips Australia
Port Hedland Airport WA

Port Hedland International Airport in WA (PHIA) is centrally located in Australia’s North West. Also it is the only International Airport in the Pilbara region. PHIA provides direct links to the world’s largest iron ore export port. It is also in close proximity to major oil and gas fields in the Bedout Basin.

The Airport is your Gateway to the Pilbara. It is located along the Great Northern Highway about 7 minutes drive from Port Hedland and South Hedland.

PHIA is a primary air transport node, welcoming more than 430,000 passengers each year. It supports the mobilisation of FIFO workforces and vital connectivity for the people of the Pilbara. This includes for leisure, business, health and well-being.

The hub is home to:

  • The area’s only bulk haulage precinct,
  • International freight services,
  • Charter and flight training facilities,
  • A dedicated Heliport fixed base operation,
  • Port Hedland School of the Air, and
  • The region’s Royal Flying Doctor Service.

PHIA has an established heliport fixed base operation with direct connections via Denpasar, Perth and Brisbane. Major upgrades, airside pavements and lighting are progressed, including the passenger terminal transformation. There has also been a focus on development in the freight, logistics and bulk transport space.

Port Hedland Airport Runway Layout WA
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
14 / 32 : 18 / 36
GPS Position
20° 2240 S
118° 3735 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
2500 : 1000
WAC Chart
Melb Centre 118.6
ATIS 133.65
Strip Surface
Sealed : Sealed
Owner / Operator
PHIA Operating Company
ARO 0417 108 850
1 – LH side at each end RWY 14, 18 and 32 THR
1 – S side of Terminal
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS card bowser
JetA1 BP 0499 320 320
Distance to Town
5 NM
14 / 32, 18 / 36 PAL + AFRU 119.9
Aircraft Parking
Taxi 08 9173 1010
Rental cars at Airport
Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 119.9

Caution: Bird Hazards.
Nearest TownAccommodationAttractionsDining

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