Nyngan Airport NSW


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Nyngan Airport NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Nyngan Airport NSW

Nyngan Airport in NSW is a small regional Airport that services the nearby town of Nyngan.

The town of Nyngan is a rural service centre situated on the Mitchell Highway astride the Bogan River on the eastern edge of the Great Outback. The Barrier Highway starts at Nyngan and heads west to Cobar and Broken Hill and the Mitchell Highway heads north to Bourke.

Wool, wheat and cattle are central to the local economy in what is a very productive pastoral and agricultural shire. In 1990 the town was devastated when the Bogan River burst its banks and spread across the low, flat plains and in the summer of 2012-2013 the temperature broke local records when it reached 47°F.

Much of the appeal of Nyngan lies in its location. It is an ideal starting point for people wanting to explore the Macquarie Marshes, to learn about the fascinating history of shearing in the area and to explore the old Cobb & Co routes which contributed so much to the economic health of the region.

Nyngan Airport Runway Layout NSW
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
05 / 23 : 18 / 36
GPS Position
31° 3304 S
147° 1210 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1643 : 1065
WAC Chart
Melb Centre 123.9 5000 FT
Strip Surface
Sealed : Grass
Bogan Shire Council
02 6835 9000
ARO 0428 264 262
1 – Near Tarmac
ASIC Security/VIS Vest
AVGAS and JetA1 Bowser 24/7
Distance to Town
1 KM
05 / 23 PAL 122.3
Aircraft Parking
No taxi etc, but most motels will pick up and deliver you back to the airport.
Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7

Caution: Model ACFT OPS within AD.
Animal hazards.
Avoid unnecessary FLT over town.
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