Mount Gambier South Australia


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Blue Lake, Mount Gambier South Australia - Country Airstrips Australia

Mount Gambier South Australia: An impressive rural service centre famous for its Blue Lake

Mount Gambier, the second-largest city in South Australia, is recognised as the jewel of the state’s south-eastern region. It is an important rural centre and is characterised by a large number of attractive, historic buildings and the major attraction of the Blue Lake. The city’s primary appeal lies in exploring the lakes and sinkholes – unique and remarkable formations – as well as admiring the impressive number of significant historic buildings.

Location of Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is located 435 km south-east of Adelaide via Murray Bridge and Naracoorte. It is 417 km west of Melbourne via Ballarat.

Origin of Mount Gambier’s Name

The Buandig Aboriginal people called the area ‘ereng balam’ or ‘egree belum’ which probably meant the home of the eagle hawk. The first European to sight the area was Lieutenant James Grant on 3 December 1800 who named it Gambier’s Mountain after Admiral Lord James Gambier who had commanded the fleet at the Battle of Copenhagen.

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