Mellenbye Station Yalgoo WA


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Mellenbye Airstrip Yalgoo - Country Airstrips Australia
Mellenbye Airstrip, Yalgoo WA

Mellenbye Station near Yalgoo WA is a working cattle station that also provides various types of accommodation for those wishing to enjoy the outback, and the ambience of a working cattle station.

Area Forecast
Strip Direction
11 / 29
GPS Position
28° 4931 S
116° 1813 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
WAC Chart
124.8 Melbourne Centre
Strip Surface
Unsealed natural clay
Mellenbye Station

Prior contact RQ. Owner will put out windsock.
Located midway of RWY
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
Distance to Town
Aircraft Parking
Station owner will pickup from airstrip.
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments:
Beware livestock and wildlife.
Caution displaced threshold RWY 11. The shorter cross strip is no longer used and is not maintained.
Other indicators for wind direction can be seen nearby the airstrip at the Mellenbye Homestead windmill. The Windmill is located east of the homestead and approximately half a kilometre from the airstrip.
Permission is required prior to use of the airstrip.

Photo: Courtesy of Tony Tropiano

Mellenbye Station near Yalgoo WA is a working cattle station. If you enjoy watching the stars at night, sitting by the campfire and getting away from the stresses of modern life, then this is the place for you. The station is a great base for exploring the districts of Morawa and Yalgoo. It is also a great place to experience the ambience of a station. Our accommodation options and the historic shearing shed make Mellenbye a great venue to host your special occasion. If you would like to hold a wedding, birthday or other special event, please contact us to discuss.

Wildflowers at Mellenbye Station

During wildflower season Mellenbye Station offers visitors the chance to see the famous wreath flower – Lechenaultia macranta. Many other flowers, including everlastings and orchids, can be seen on walks or drives around the property.

We are open from July to early October each year. Please check our frequently asked questions page and opening and closing page for helpful information.

(We are also open with prior arrangement at other times of the year, outside of wildflower season.)

Cabins at Mellenbye Station, Yalgoo

Accommodation is available in the form of:

  • Cabins
  • Shearers Quarters
  • Dongas
  • Camping and Caravaning

Contact Mellenbye Station Yalgoo WA

Mellenbye Station Stay
PO Box 355
Morawa-Yalgoo Road
Morawa, WA, 6623

Phone: +61 8 9972 3072