Manjimup WA


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The King Jarrah Tree, Manjimup WA
The King Jarrah Tree

Manjimup WA lies in the land of the giants, surrounded by karri trees. The Karri is the tallest species in Western Australia and one of the tallest hardwoods on Earth. However, it’s what lies beneath the ground that captures the attention and imagination of the world’s top chefs and foodies. This is the home of Australia’s most successful black truffle industry.

Manjimup is an easy 50 minute flight from Serpentine, or 1 hour from Jandakot.

Manjimup WA – built on the timber industry

A staggering 80 percent of the entire Manjimup region is dedicated to forest and national parks. Needless to say that outdoor adventures and nature abound. Just a short drive from town will bring you to the towering timbers of the King Jarrah and Four Aces. Also don’t miss the tranquil swimming and picnic spots of Fonty’s Pool, the Donnelly River and Glenoran Pool.

Rich soils, fresh water and straight timbers were the drawcards that lured settlers to this spot in the late 1800s. For a glimpse of the region’s early milling days, take a free tour of the local mills. Check at the visitor centres for scheduled tour times. Drive to the historic town of Deanmill or visit the popular Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park Complex. Many heritage buildings have been relocated and restored to create the historic hamlet, housing a steam museum and blacksmith’s forge. A playground, barbecues, cafe and craft shop make it the perfect family day out.

A historic town

In the town, some of the heritage architecture still stands proudly in its original location. Included is Dingup Church, the Pioneer Cairn and One Tree Bridge.

Soak up some of the country town atmosphere by staying in Manjimup WA or its surrounding villages. Choose from a good selection of caravan parks, hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, chalets, cottages and backpackers. Or seek a peaceful escape at a local farm or amazing forest retreat.

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