Attractions in Manjimup


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Donnelly River Cruises

The Cliffs from the Donnelly River Cruise
The Cliffs from the Donnelly River Cruise

Attractions in Manjimup are spectacular, and this river cruise won’t disappoint.

Donnelly River cruises is an award-winning experience not to be missed. Donnelly River Cruises conducts a river cruise of the lower twelve-kilometre section of the Donnelly River. The cruise operates within the confines of the D’Entrecasteaux National Park, in the South West of Western Australia. The cruise area, including the beach landing, is not accessible by 4-wheel drive and is only accessible by boat.

The atmosphere of the cruise is to “sit back, relax and enjoy” as you meander through the diversified eco systems. In a conversational format you are encouraged to join in. Peter will enlighten you about the river, the ecology and geology, the fauna and flora and some of the history.

The scenery is constantly changing, beginning in lush Jarrah and Marri forests, and then pass through the Paperbark and wetlands. You will also pass the limestone cliffs, to the majestic Southern Ocean. On the way you will cruise past the unique holiday huts nestled amongst the towering Marri trees and coastal dunes.

While at the mouth of the river, you may disembark and experience the isolation and pristine quality of the area with a brief walk along the beach. The beach is approximately 2 km long confined by rocky outcrops at each end with no vehicle access at all.

Landline: (08) 9777 1018
Mobile:  0427 771 018

Manjimup Timber Museum

Manjimup Timber Museum Country Airstrips Australia
Manjimup Timber Museum

One of the other great attractions in Manjimup is The Manjimup Timber Museum. The museum resembles a group of Karri trees, and displays a history of the timber industry in WA.

The museum is now an integral part of the larger timber park complex. It also displays some forest ecology, agriculture and forest management information.

Of special interest is the time clock which consists of a log section protruding through the wall into the Museum. It shows various dates relevant to Australian discovery and settlement.

External displays include a sawpit, whim, Willamette steam hauler, locomotive engine, tractor and logging arch, and timber jinker.

Address: 80 Rose Street, Manjimup WA
Phone: (08) 9771 2111