Maitland Airport, NSW


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Maitland Airport Country Airstrips Australia

Maitland Airport, also known as Russell Field is a general aviation airport located in the suburb of Rutherford, approximately 5 km (3.1 mi) from Maitland in the Australian state of New South Wales. There are currently no airline services, with the airfield catering mostly to general aviation and recreational category aircraft. The airport has been owned and operated by the Royal Newcastle Aero Club since 1963 and shares a large training area with the nearby Cessnock Airport. Throughout its history, the airport has played host to many airshows, races and flying competitions. The field is named for the fifth President of the Royal Newcastle Aero Club, Robert Russell, who suffered a fatal heart attack while on the premises in 1966.

Maitland Airport
85 Feet

Area Forecast

Strip Direction
05 / 23 : 08 / 26 : 18 / 36
GPS Position
32° 42.2′ South
151° 29.3 East
ALA Code
Strip Length
1226M : 1011M : 422M

WAC Chart
Brisbane Central
125.7 on ground
Strip Surface
Sealed – unrated
Royal Newcastle Aeroclub
(02) 4932 8888
Strip Markers
Avgas – Carnet card – bowser
Distance to Town
5 kms
RWY 05/23 see ERSA
Aircraft Parking
Parking fees apply
Taxi 4933 7333
(02) 4943 8900
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 125.7
– Right-hand circuits req’d for NGT OPS RWY 05
– Preferred RWY 23 NIL or L/V wind.
– Circuit training permitted
a) September to April 0700 to 2200 local time
b) May to August 0700 to 2130 local time
– Circuit training before 0800 local restricted to single-engine aeroplanes less than 1900kg MTOW.
– Pilots should limit radio transmissions in the circuit area to those necessary to provide traffic information and separation. Broadcast with intentions turning base is recommended.

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