Lorella Springs Airstrip NT


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Lorella Springs Airstrip in the NT.
Lorella Springs Airstrip in the NT

If you have your own aircraft, feel free to use our airstrip at Lorella Springs, which is located only a short distance from the homestead campground.

We can arrange for our team to pick you up from the airstrip. Please make sure you contact us in advance. .

The airstrip is a 1200 metre long runway, located 200 metres North-West of the Lorella Springs Homestead. This airstrip is usable, however, not certified.

Lorella Springs Airstrip, NT, aerial view.
Lorella Springs Airstrip, NT
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7

There can be animals on the airstrip. Wise to run down first and check.
Obstructions on approach paths: Escarpment in distance each end and trees outside of clearway
Airstrip unusable after excessive rain.

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