Denham WA


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Denham WA nearest town to Monkey Mia - Country Airstrips Australia
Denham WA

Denham WA, is a seaside town an easy 2 hour flight north of Perth. Captain Henry Mangles Denham charted this region in 1858 aboard the HMS Herald and gave the town his surname.

Once a pearling port, this friendly coastal town is the main population centre (of approximately 1000 residents) of Shark Bay. It offers safe swimming beaches, restaurants, a golf course and the Monkey Mia Airport.

The seaside town, gateway to the Shark Bay area, provides many accommodation options for couples and families. The town has resorts and hotels plus campsites and tourist parks. Kids will love the shipwreck themed playground at Denham’s foreshore. They can then enjoy a nearby pontoon to jump off and swim around the bay.

The Thong Shack, Denham WA
The Thong Shack, Denham WA

Add a flip-flop, jandal or holiday footwear to the “Thong Shack” – ask a local where it’s located on Denham beach.

The 5km Nicholson Point trail meanders from Denham across shrub lands to Little Lagoon. Here you will find a large range of plant species and bird life. Denham’s Discovery Trail will take you past sites of interest in town, covering 2.3km.  

The shallow waters and summer winds make Shark Bay the ideal place for kite-surfing for beginners and experts alike.  Book a lesson or join a kite surfing safari, departing from Denham.  Divers are spoilt for choice in Shark Bay. The jewel in the crown has to be a day at Steep Point exploring Monkey Rock. The crystal waters of Dirk Hartog Island offer excellent snorkelling conditions.

Popular experiences available from Denham and it’s numerous boat ramps are:

  • boating,
  • diving,
  • snorkelling,
  • watching marine life,
  • fishing (outside sanctuary zones),
  • windsurfing and
  • swimming.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area in WA.
Shark Bay World Heritage Area

The Shark Bay World Heritage Area was the first location in Western Australia to receive UNESCO status in 1991. The area meets four of the ten required natural criteria and remains one of only a handful of places in the world to achieve this high criteria status level. 

The colourful and diverse landscapes, rare flora and fauna and world-class examples of Earth’s ecological processes, all contribute to the region being World Heritage listed. The area contains plant species that are unique and considered new to science. Five of Australia’s 26 species of endangered Australian mammals, and 35% of all of Australia’s bird species live here.

The 12 species of seagrass found in Shark Bay cover over 4,000 square kilometres. This equates to approximately the size of the Perth metropolitan area! The seagrass supports a high diversity of fauna such as dolphins, fish, turtles and crustaceans. This sea grass is a vital food source for one of the most stable dugong populations in the world. Presently over 10,000 dugongs inhabiting the Shark Bay region.

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