Attractions in Denham


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Denham Discovery Trail

The Denham Discovery Trail, one of the attractions in Denham.
The Denham Discovery Trail

Attractions in Denham are varied, but the Denham Discovery Trail is one of the most popular!

The most westerly settlement of Australia, was originally a pearling camp named ‘Freshwater Camp’. It later developed into a township that serviced the pearling, pastoral and fishing industries of Shark Bay.

It was proclaimed a townsite on 3 May 1898 and later named ‘Denham’ after Captain Denham of the Royal Navy.

Today, Denham is a great place to base yourself while exploring the beautiful and diverse Shark Bay World Heritage Area. 

The streets of Denham have many stories to tell; follow the trail to explore just a few of them.

The Denham Discovery Trail is a 2.3km walking trail that will take you past these sites of interest:

This small seaside town offers:

  • great views of Australia’s most westerly sunset,
  • a range of accommodation options,
  • restaurants and shops,
  • safe swimming beaches, and boasts
  • the best children’s play park on the West Coast!

The Shark Bay Discovery Centre

Attractions in Denham, The Shark Bay Discovery Centre
The Shark Bay Discovery Centre

One of the popular attractions in Denham is the Shark Bay Discovery Centre. The Centre has been designed to showcase the significance and history of the Shark Bay region

The centre’s informative displays; soundscapes, historical and contemporary film footage, interactive multimedia and objects of rare scientific and historical significance take you on the most amazing journey around Shark Bay and across time, in company and conversation with those who have been part of this extraordinary place.

The Discovery Centre displays are positioned so as to represent a map of Shark Bay. It follows an organic natural flow from south to north. It encompasses the three distinct categories: the Living Place, the Mapping Place and the Experiencing Place

The Living Place introduces you to the special qualities that make Shark Bay one of the most significant places in the world.

The Mapping Place lets you discover how Indigenous Malgana people, Dutch traders, French naturalists, English colonisers, local pearlers, pastoralists, fishers and conservationists have layered Shark Bay with cultural diversity.

As you move through the Experiencing Place, all your senses will be brought alive to Shark Bay’s shifting shapes and moods. This sense of place is created through the entanglement of nature and culture.

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