Condobolin Aerodrome NSW


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Condobolin Aerodrome NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Condobolin Aerodrome NSW

Condobolin Aerodrome in NSW is a small registered Aerodrome 5KM from the town of Condobolin.

The aerodrome is home to the Condobolin Aero Club. Also in the Lachlan Shire is the Lake Cargelligo Aerodrome.

Condobolin is a typical rural service town in the Central West of New South Wales close to the geographic centre of the state. The rich red soils and reliable rainfall have made it a centre of an area noted for its wool, wheat, sheep, cattle, fruit and mixed farming.

The town does not see itself as a major tourist destination with the local visitor website offering nothing more than Gumbend Lake, an artificial lake with picnic facilities; a Railway Museum and a Museum of The Lachlander, the local newspaper; a couple of lookouts and an Aboriginal burial site.
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Area Forecast
Strip Direction
01 / 19 : 10 / 28
GPS Position
33° 0352 S
147° 1233 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1372 : 1203
WAC Chart
3456, 3457
Melb Centre 134.65 Circuit area
Strip Surface
Sealed : Grassed
Lachlan Shire Council 
02 6895 1900
1 – LH side RWY 28 THR
ASIC Security/VIS Vest
Condobolin Aero Club
02 6895 2122 
02 6896 5306 
0428 965 306
Distance to Town
3.5 NM
01/19 PAL + AA 120.6
Aircraft Parking
Taxi 0400 499 299
Landing Fees
ACFT above 5700KG
Condobolin Aerodrome NSW – Runway Info
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7

Caution: Model ACFT OPS within AD.
Animal hazards.
Avoid unnecessary FLT over town.
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