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Wynyard Airport, Tasmania


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Burnie Airport, also called Burnie Wynyard Airport or Wynyard Airport, is a regional airport located adjacent to the town of Wynyard, about 17 kilometres (11 mi) west from Burnie, Tasmania, Australia. Formally named the Wynyard Aerodrome, the first official opening occurred on 26 February 1934. The Burnie Airport is majority-owned by the Burnie City Council.

The first aerodrome at Wynyard was built by volunteers on an old racecourse. However, within a year of completion in 1932, the aerodrome was found to be too small for larger passenger and mail aircraft. A larger aerodrome was developed on the southern outskirts of the town and was officially opened on 26 February 1934. A further opening ceremony on 1 January 1935 was attended by the Prime Minister of the time, Joseph Lyons.

Country Aurstrips Australia - Wynyard Airport, Tasmania
Wynyard Airport, Tasmania
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
05 – 23 : 09 – 27
GPS Position
-40 5956 South
145 4352 East
ALA Code
Strip Length
827 : 1650
WAC Chart
Melbourne Centre
122.6 on ground
Strip Surface
Sealed : Sealed
Burnie Airport Corp.
(03) 6442 1133
0408 551 440
Yes x 2
Strip Markers
AVTAS Fuel Pty Ltd
AVGAS Bowser
Jet A1 Tanker
Distance to Town
0.3 nm
09 – 27 PAL & AFRU
Aircraft Parking
Parking restrictions apply
to use of main apron.
TransportLanding Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.9 Communication between Devonport and Wynyard may not be available on ground. Pilots encouraged to call when airborne on CTAF to enhance self-help TFC INFO.
Access to bays require prior permission from AP.
Expect downdrafts and MOD to SEV TURB in strong SW winds when departing RWY 23.
Bird hazards Jun – Feb
RWY 23 and 27 RQ RH circuits.
Reflective vests and ASIC to be worn airside.

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