Wagin, Western Australia


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Wagin, Western Australia is the home of the Giant Ram and is in the heart of the wheat and sheep belt.

Wagin was originally a railway station for the surrounding wheat and sheep properties. It was created out of the combination of grain silos, bulk loading facilities and a rail link. Today the town’s economic base has expanded to include barley, oats, lupins, canola and cattle. It has two major tourist attractions – the Giant Ram (one of Western Australia’s most famous “big things”) and the excellent Historical Village, a 26 building recreation of a typical wheatbelt rural village.


Wagin is 257 m above sea level and located 236 km south-east of Perth via the Albany Highway and Arthur Road.

Origin of Name

There is some debate around the Noongar word “wagin” with it either meaning ‘the place where emus watered’ or a variation of a word pronounced ‘wedge-an’ which was simply a word for ’emu’.

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