Port Lincoln Airport South Australia

The busiest airport in regional South Australia

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Port Lincoln Airport South Australia - Country Airstrips Australia
Port Lincoln Airport. South Australia.

Port Lincoln Airport in South Australia is an airport serving Port Lincoln, a city in the Australian state of South Australia. It is located 7 nautical miles north of Port Lincoln, at North Shields. The airport is owned and operated by the District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula.

The airport is an important gateway to southern Eyre Peninsula and the City of Port Lincoln with multiple daily passenger services provided to and from Adelaide by two airlines, Regional Express and Qantaslink.

The airport has in the vicinity of 14,500 aircraft movements and almost 190,000 passengers annually with up to 24 scheduled daily passenger flights, making this the busiest regional airport in South Australia.

Port Lincoln Airport, South Australia - Country Airstrips Australia
Port Lincoln Airport
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
01 / 19 : 05 / 23 : 15 / 33
GPS Position
34° 3619 South
135° 5249
ALA Code
Strip Length
1499 : 1275 : 1450
WAC Chart
Melbourne Centre
125.9 on ground
Strip Surface
Sealed : Gravel : Gravel
District Council of Lower
Eyre Peninsular
(08) 8676 1206
ARO (08) 8684 3501
1 – LH side RWY 23 THR
1 – between RWY 15 and 19
1 – between RWY 05 and 01
ASIC Security/Vis Vest
AVGAS & Jet A1 Carnet card & CC swipe bowser
Distance to Town
7 nm
01/19 and 15/33 PAL 124.1
Aircraft Parking
Sealed apron restricted to RPT aircraft. One position for HEL
PRKG AVBL north-east of RPT
Airport Taxi
0456 401 616
Budget Car Rental
(08) 8684 3668
in terminal
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 128.0
OPR on RWY 01, 05 and 33 RQ right-hand circuits.
Bird hazards.

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