Nalbarra Station WA


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Nalbarra Station in WA is a 161,000 hectare station and a great holiday destination for those travelling up Great Northern Highway. Robert and Leanne manage this working sheep station, located approximately 70km north of Paynes Find – 17km off the highway on a well graded dirt road or 80kms south of Mount Magnet. 

Nalbarra Station Runway Information WA
Nalbarra Station WA – Runway
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
08 / 26
GPS PositionALA CodeStrip Length
WAC Chart
Melb Centre
Circuit Area
Strip Surface
Unsealed red dirt
Nalbarra Station
(08) 9963 5829
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
Distance to Town
Mt Magnet 80 KMS
Aircraft Parking
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7

Accommodation at Nalbarra

The renovated Shearers Quarters at Nalbarra Station, great accommodation options.
The renovated Shearers Quarters at Nalbarra Station

Stay in our renovated shearers quarters. Family, double and single rooms with fully self-contained kitchen available including fridge/freezer, gas stove, wood stove, cutlery, plates and adjoining dining room. Rooms are lockable and most have 24-hour power points.

The shower block consists of 4 showers and 2 wash basins, hot water is supplied by a gas heater. Alongside the shower block are 3 separate toilets. An outside BBQ/fire pit area is located with the tent and caravan sites. 

There is a large fire pit situated in a sit around area and we welcome you to collect the plentiful nearby wood for the fire pit! On top of the above there is the Wool Shed wool room for groups to gather for a yarn or two sheltered out of wind.

Please note: Meals are not available, but you may purchase BBQ packs.

Activities At Nalbarra

There is plenty to do with amazing breakaway country for artists, birdwatching, bushwalks or enjoy a drive through the gorgeous countryside. The tennis court and dart board is popular with guests.

Wildflowers cover the country side from mid July to mid/late September if good winter rainfall has fallen. Be sure to call or contact us to receive wildflower touring information before departure. If the season is right you’ll be sure to see carpets of everlastings, orchids, wattle/acacias, grevilleas, verticordias, mulla-mulla and so much more!

Wildlife is abundant on Nalbarra Station. Take a stroll through the country side and you’ll be sure to see some of the locals. Kangaroos, emus, bungarras (sand monitors), numerous reptiles, small marsupials plus you’ll no doubt bump into the odd sheep or two!

Crimson Chat – Nalbarra Station

Birdlife in the outback is just remarkable. Get your binoculars out and start looking! The windmills at dawn and dusk are a great place to start as birds flock in to grab a drink. Galahs, parrots, small wrens, eagles, raptors – the list goes on!

Address: PO Box 125, Mount Magnet WA
Phone: (08) 9963 5829