Moree New South Wales


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Moree New South Wales - Country Airstrips Australia

Moree New South Wales is a progressive and dynamic town situated at the heart of NSW’s northern Wheatbelt. Moree is now recognised nationally as Australia’s Artesian Spa Capital.

Nestled on the New South Wales and Queensland border, Moree is rich in culture, heritage, agriculture and natural assets. Each component intertwines to define the characteristics of both the town and the community.

Moree is a town which promotes itself as “Home of Artesian Water Country”. Since 1895 it has tapped into the hot springs of the Great Artesian Basin and promoted them as healing waters. This has attracted people seeking healthy spa water.

Moree is the major town in the affluent Moree Plains Shire. The district is famous for its rich black soil plains. Wheat and other cereals, chickpeas, cotton, oilseeds, pecan nuts, legumes and olives are all grown around the town.

Located on both sides of the Mehi River, Moree has numerous attractive riverside parks and reserves. It is deservedly famous for its outstanding collection of Art Deco buildings which make the town centre particularly fascinating.

Location of Moree New South Wales

Moree is located 625 km north of Sydney via Gunnedah and Narrabri and is 208 m above sea-level.

Origin of Name

The name “moree” is a Kamilaroi Aboriginal term meaning either “long waterhole” or “rising sun”.

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