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Mersey Bluff Lighthouse, Devonport


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Country Airstrips Australia - Mersey Bluff TAS

The Mersey Bluff Lighthouse standing at the mouth of the Mersey River near Devonport is unusual in Australia with its distinctive vertical red striped day mark.


The Mersey Bluff Lighthouse was established in 1889 and is built of bricks on a stone base.

It replaced a succession of beacons and obelisks that had formerly stood on the site. It also replaced the earlier Don River light.

In 1910 the original kerosene lamp was converted to acetylene gas which was supplied by a Colt seven-day acetylene generator.

The light was converted to DC electric operation in 1920 and de-manned at the same time. It was connected to mains power in 1978.

The establishment of the lighthouse ended a history of wrecks in this area.

The Commonwealth assumed responsibility for the lighthouse under the Commonwealth Lighthouse Act in 1915

Another unusual feature of this lightstation is that it was connected to town water in 1901.