Loxton South Australia


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Loxton Historical Village SA - Country Airstrips Australia
Loxton Historical Village

Loxton South Australia- the garden town of the Riverlands

Loxton, situated on the southern bank of the Murray River boasts first-class accommodation, unique attractions, a nationally recognized golf course, thriving retail and business centre, wine tasting, numerous festivals and events, beautifully maintained gardens, and a variety of nature-based activities such as swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing and bushwalking.

Loxton is well known because its “The Village”, a historic recreation of the early town, is a popular tourist attraction. The town’s primary appeal is its location on the Murray River and the parks on the banks are grassy and ideal for picnics.

Location of Loxton South Australia

Loxton is located 256 km east of Adelaide and 14 m above sea level.

Origin of Name

The town was named after William Charles Loxton, a boundary rider on Bookpurnong Station. He lived beside the Murray River in Loxton’s hut from 1878-1881.

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