Local attractions @ King Island, Tasmania


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Local attractions at King Island are varied and plentiful. View some of them below.

King Island Coach Tours

King Island Penguins Country Airstrips Australia

King Island Coach Tours offer tours of the Island’s well-known landmarks and attractions.

Visit the famous King Island Dairy, take an evening penguin watching tour, or visit the Cape Wickham lighthouse – the tallest lighthouse in the southern hemisphere.

Morning and/or afternoon tea along with lunch is provided on tour. Refreshment options will vary from tour to tour depending on the length of tour.

Additional transfer options are available to/from key locations such as airport, golf and your accommodation.

Phone: (03) 6462 1288

King Island Cheese Company

King Island Cheese Country Airstrips Australia

King Island’s unique microclimate of mineral-rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and consistent salt spray results in incredibly lush pastures.

The cows graze on this salty grass, to produce a sweet, unusually rich milk. The milk, sourced from just a handful of local farms, is delivered fresh to King Island Dairy, every day. All of our cheeses are made on King Island from 100% King Island milk.

Our dedicated cheesemakers then begin the age-old practice of cheese making, with many of our cheeses being carefully turned and wrapped by hand.

The cheese then makes the boat journey across Bass Strait to the mainland. On the odd occasion, the seas are too rough and the cheese can’t actually leave the island.

Phone: 03 6462 0947

King Island Historical Museum

King Island Historical Museum Country Airstrips Australia

This well-stocked and informative museum, staffed by local volunteers, is located in the old Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage in Currie. Many visitors are fascinated to learn more about the shipwrecks which littered the coast of King Island and the terrible stories of disaster and salvation.

There are also stories featuring Soldier Settlers, sealers and other early pioneers who strove to tame the wild forests of Kings Island and to whom the present day residents and visitors owe so much. You can also view the original Cape Wickham Lighthouse lens which is more than 150 years old.

If you’re feeling adventurous and your taste for lighthouse history is piqued you can also book a tour of Currie Lighthouse by calling Ondrea on 0439 705 610.