Harrismith Western Australia


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Harrismith Western Australia is a small wheat belt town that has a hotel and a small caravan park. The local economy is based around broad acre farming with sheep and wheat being the main products.

The town is located in the shire of Wickepin.

The townsite was developed after a railway line was constructed between Kondinin and Yillimining in 1914.

The proposed name was South Dorakin but this was strongly opposed by locals who suggested the name Harrismith after the first settler in the area (Harry Smith). The name was approved in 1914 and the townsite gazetted a year later.

Research indicates that the first settler in the area was, in fact, William (Billy) Smith who took up land in 1868. Where the idea about Harry Smith came from is unclear but there was a town called Harrismith in South Africa so the origin may lie there instead.

William Justice Smith or Billy as he was known, squatted on land in the area in 1868 and was granted a lease on 40 acres in 1896. He lived there until 1920 when he is said to have moved to Yillimining. In 1926 he is supposed to have gone to Narrogin hospital and after that time there is no record of him so he may have died.


The Oasis Hotel

The Harrismith Oasis Hotel Western Australia
The Harrismith Oasis Hotel

The Oasis Hotel (Harrismith) was originally built in 1926 as a hostel and a general store called the Kia Ora. In 1963 after obtaining a full hotel liquor license the building was extended to incorporate the new bar and it was renamed the Oasis hotel.

The hotel has four guest rooms, and separate male and female bathrooms.

Address: Railway Ave, Harrismith WA
Phone: (08) 9883 1010

Harrismith Caravan Park

The Harrismith Caravan Park is situated a short distance from the Hotel. It features new ablution block facilities, and also has donga accommodation comprising of 5 separate twin rooms and en-suites. It also has a common self-contained large kitchen facility.

Address: Railway Ave, Harrismith WA
Phone: Shire Offices

Nearest Airport: Harrismith