Dining in Dubbo


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Dahab Café

Dahab Cafe Dubbo NSW

Located in a major shopping centre this cafe offers great coffee and snacks for morning or afternoon tea. Staff are friendly and service very efficient. Covid rules are applied very well.

The range of food and beverages is great and always served with a smile.

Great spot for family dinners and get-togethers. Special dietary needs are well catered for.

Restaurant is tastefully decorated, the staff very attentive and menu well priced.

Address: 197 Brisbane Street, Dubbo NSW
Phone: (02) 6884 5320

The Old Bank Restaurant and Bar

The Old Bank Restaurant and Bar Dubbo NSW

The Historic Building

A three-level Edwardian style building with Victorian trimmings. Class distinction is obvious in the woodwork and fireplace detailings. Water was collected and stored in an underground tank which was located near the current kitchen. It was pumped up to the roof cisterns to give gravity feed. The pump was attached to the building in the courtyard. The staircase has one of its rungs upside down, as, when the building was built it was considered to be a sign of good luck.

Great Food

This restaurant serves a great variety of food to please even the fussiest diner. Meal options to suit all the family, including children.

Address: 232 Macquarie St. Dubbo, NSW 2830 
Phone: (02) 6884 7728