Dexfield Park Airstrip NSW


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Dexfield Park Airstrip NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Dexfield Park Airstrip NSW

Dexfield Park Airstrip in New South Wales allows you to escape to the tranquility of The Hideout. Just minutes from Port Macquarie’s fabulous beaches and facilities, but secluded in its own expansive rural setting, The Hideout offers a luxury getaway to rest and relax or use as a base for all the activities of the Mid North Coast.

Area Forecast

Strip Direction
17 / 35
GPS Position
31° 25 20 S
152° 45 29 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
WAC Chart

Brisbane Centre 120.55
Strip Surface
Grass over clay and gravel
Owner / Operator
Dexfield Park
(02) 6516 0433
0400 341 100

1 – near midfield on the E side, and
1 – at the runway 35 threshold.
ASIC Security / Vis Vest

Distance to Town


Aircraft Parking
Outside the hangar, or on the opposite side of the runway from the hangar.

Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 118.1

The strip can be hard to see if you are not familiar with the area. There are cones marking the runway and two windsocks to look for. There is a silo about a mile north of the strip, and to the south the Rocks Ferry bridge and the adjacent large white house are good landmarks.

The northernmost 1/3 of the strip has a significant upslope, so preferred runway for landing is 35 and for takeoff is 17.

After rain the sides of the runway at the southern end can be soft. Keep to the centre and if landing on 17 go all the way to the hard turning circle at the end before doing a 180.

Noise abatement: We have a few noise-sensitive neighbours. Circuit height is 1000′; downwind leg for 35 should be on the western side of the railway line.

No touch-and-goes or low-level circuits permitted.

Please avoid overflying the area west of the airstrip and east of the railway line if possible, and never below 1000’.

Prior Permission Required.

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