Corynnia Station Stay NSW


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Corynnia Station NSW aerial image of approaching the airstrip.

Corynnia Station in NSW is a 17,000 acre busy working property and we have chosen to share our unique, historic and truly Australian part of the world with our guests.
We produce high quality Merino wool and meat from our flock of up to 11,000. Our irrigated cropping programme includes cotton, grains and sheep fodder, all using technologically advanced methods.

Area Forecast
Strip Direction
03 / 21
GPS Position
 34° 1287 S
145° 3387 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
WAC Chart
Melb. Centre 134.65
Strip Surface
Dry Weather Airstrip
Corynnia Station
+61 0428 696 497
2 – Halfway along strip and at E end
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
Available at Hay and Griffith
Distance to Town
Aircraft Parking
Car available
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7
Prior Permission Required.
Dry weather airstrip.

Accommodation at Corynnia Station Stay NSW

Accommodation options at Corynnia Station in NSW

There are four accommodation options available at Corynnia.

The VIP Homestead Suite is a private section of our 1930’s homestead and perfect for a couple or a single.

The Pink Palace is our 1930’s 1 bedroom cottage and is also perfect for a couple or a single.

The Barracks, our charming 2 bedroom cottage is suitable for up to 4 guests, in 1 queen and 1 twin room.

Maxies Retreat is our new, authentically Australian 6 bedroom lodge designed in shearers quarters style but with all the comforts.
Suitable for up to 12 guests, book the entire lodge or the individual rooms.
Disabled access.

Activities at Corynnia Station Stay NSW

There is lots to do at Corynnia Station. These activities include:

Amazing 360 Degree Skies

Corynnia Station is beautiful and breathtakingly Outback. Guests will be overwhelmed by the vast skies. Sunrises and sunsets change by the minute followed by trillions of stars reaching to eternity.

Bushwalking, Bird Watching and Native Wildlife

Bird watchers and ecological enthusiasts will enjoy the native flora and fauna whilst exploring our ancient dry box swamp covering 1000 acres with a bio-diversity study report.

Swimming Pool

Chilling out at Corynnia Station is easy. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool, the best way to cool yourself off in the Australian Outback.

Phone: 0427 696 534