Cootamundra Airport NSW


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Cootamundra Airport NSW Country Airstrips Australia
Cootamundra Airport NSW

Cootamundra Airport in NSW is a small regional airstrip servicing the nearby town of Cootamundra. The airport is also the venue for the annual GTR Challenge and Drag Battle motorsport event.

With the implementation of an airmail service between Australia and Britain, owing to its location on the Main Southern railway line midway between Sydney and Melbourne and proximity to Canberra, Cootamundra was chosen as the southern terminus. The airfield became the initial base for Butler Air Transport, established as an airmail contractor in 1934 to operate a section of the route between Cootamundra and Charleville, providing connection to Qantas services between Brisbane and Darwin. The company relocated its base to Sydney in 1938 following the withdrawal of the airmail contract.

RAAF Station Cootamundra

Cootamundra was chosen as a station for No. 1 Air Observers School and No. 2 Recruit Depot during World War II. Numbers 60 and 73 Squadrons also operated from the base. Following the cessation of hostilities the airfield reverted to civilian use.

Area Forecast
Strip Direction
10 / 28 : 16 / 34
GPS Position
34 3728 S
148 0209 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
855 : 1406
WAC Chart
3456, 3457
Melb Centre 124.1 CT
ARR / DEP East
Melb CNT 134.65 4000FT
ARR / DEP West
Strip Surface
Grass / Sealed
Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council
(02) 6940 2100
1 – BTW TWY and RWY 28
1 – RH side of RWY 16
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS Aero Refuellers
Carnet M/C VISA
JetA1 0408 692 512
Distance to Town
1 KM
16 / 34 PAL 122.4
Aircraft Parking
Cootamundra Cabs
(02) 6942 1144
Hertz Car Hire
133039 (02) 6938 6000
Landing Fees

Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7
RH Circuits at night RWY 34.
Cootamundra Airport SkyCam

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