Attractions @ Kalbarri


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Kalbarri National Park

Z Bend Kalbarri National Park Country Airstrips Australia
Z Bend Kalbarri National Park

Attractions in Kalbarri are spectacular!

Kalbarri National Park is located 485 km north of Perth, in the Mid West region of Western Australia. The major geographical features of the park include the Murchison River gorge which runs for nearly 80 km on the lower reaches of the Murchison River. Spectacular coastal cliffs are located on the coast near the mouth of the Murchison River and the town of Kalbarri.

Kalbarri National Park surrounds the lower reaches of the Murchison River, which has cut a magnificent 80-kilometre gorge through the red and white banded sandstone to create formations such as Nature’s Window and The Loop, Z-Bend and Hawks Head, with scenic gorge views at the Ross Graham Lookout and views of the town and river mouth at Meanarra Hill.

Kalbarri Skywalk

Kalbarri Sky Walk Country Airstrips Australia
Kalbarri Sky Walk

Perched right on the cliff-top, two 100-metre-high lookouts project 25 and 17 metres beyond the rim of the Murchison Gorge. Visitors can venture out onto the new Kalbarri Skywalk and enjoy incredible views of the spectacular gorge and surrounding environment.

Soaring sea cliffs

More attractions in Kalbarri are the amazing sea cliffs. Along the coast, wind and wave erosion has exposed the sedimentary layers in the sandstone cliffs that plunge more than 100 metres to the ocean. Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Eagle Gorge, Island Rock and the Natural Bridge are among the best-known features of this rugged coast.

Natural Attractions

Kalbarri’s exceptional wildflowers are at their best in spring and early summer. At the mouth of the Murchison River is the town of Kalbarri, which supports thriving fishing and tourism industries and provides a base for park visitors.

Pelican Feeding

Feeding is at 8:45am every morning on the Kalbarri foreshore opposite Murchison Caravan Park.

A gold coin donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of fish.

We thank our volunteers who make it an enjoyable experience unique to Kalbarri.

We cannot guarantee pelicans or volunteers will show every day of the year.