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Attractions in Broken Hill


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The Miners Memorial

Miners Memorial Broken Hill - Country Airstrips Australia

The Line of Lode Lookout and Miner’s Memorial is a dramatic, iconic structure on the edge of the mullock heap that dissects Broken Hill.

The memorial to the 800+ miners who lost their lives working on the Broken Hill mines. The building itself is a metaphor for the underground lives of the miners, evoking the damp, claustrophobic underground environment.

The views over Broken Hill are spectacular! The cafe is worth a visit as it has spectacular views over the city – and great coffee!

Where: Federation Way, Broken Hill, NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8080 3560

Pro Hart Gallery

A trip to Broken Hill is almost incomplete without a visit to the Pro Hart Gallery. On display are not only a wide selection of Pro’s own paintings, but also hundreds of works by an impressive range of other artists including Arthur Boyd, John Constable, Claude Monet, and Albert Tucker. The paintings are arranged higgledy-piggledy and virtually cover the gallery’s walls.

Most widely represented is the Australian artist Sir William Dobell. ‘I’ve probably got 300 Dobells counting drawings,’ said Pro. On the walls of the ‘Sir William Dobell Room’, located near the gallery’s entrance, are photographs of drawings from Dobell’s sketchbooks, while the sketchbooks themselves are displayed in glass cabinets underneath. The room also contains Dobell memorabilia including his tatty old carpet and his art smock decorated with cartoons by his artist friends. Pro’s quirky curatorship is evident everywhere.

The gallery is also interesting because it is possible to discover things that perhaps motivated Pro’s work. Painting horses with little wheels on their legs is one of Pro’s distinctive touches. Where did this idea come from? The answer may well be found in a glass cabinet tucked away in the gallery, containing three old tin toy sulkies pulled by horses with wheels on their front legs, similar to those in Pro’s paintings.

Pro designed the gallery himself, doing ‘just a rough sketch’ of what he had in mind. The rambling ground floor is the largest of the three levels, while the first and second floors have a large square hole or atrium in the middle of them, so they resemble a pair of misshapen doughnuts. The gallery is far too small, although plans are afoot to enlarge the ground floor and to fill-in the atrium.

Address: 108 Wyman Street, Broken Hill, NSW 2880
Phone: (08) 8087 2441