Young Airfield New South Wales


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Young Airfield New South Wales. Country Airstrips Australia
Young Airfield New South Wales

Young Airfield in New South Wales is an airport serving the township of Young. It is located 3.5 nautical miles northwest of Young and operated by Hilltops Council. The Airfield is currently used only for private aircraft with no passenger services unless chartered.

Traffic at Young is low, a card-swipe AVGAS bowser is located on the field and the Young Flying Group owns a hanger on the aerodrome.

The town of Young is a substantial rural service centre famous for two things: its importance during the goldrush era – the Lambing Flats riots loom large in Australia’s racial history – and its current status as one of the country’s richest areas for stone fruits. The town, located in a valley surrounded by low hills, is the commercial centre of an agriculturally diverse district famous for its cherries, peaches, plums and other stone fruits, although berries, grapes, pigs, sheep, wheat, wool, cattle, oats, barley and eggs are all important to the local economy.

Young Airfield Runway layout NSW.
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
01 / 19
GPS Position
34° 1520 S
148° 1453 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
WAC Chart
3456, 3457
Melb Centre 135.25 Circuit area
Strip Surface
Owner / Operator
Hilltop Council
1300 445 586
A/H (02) 6382 4181
Near THR on RH side RWY 19
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
Aero Refuellers AVGAS Bowser
Distance to Town
3.5 NM
PAL 126.7
Aircraft Parking
Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 126.7

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