Thangool Aerodrome QLD


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Thangool Aerodrome QLD, Country Airstrips Australia
Thangool Aerodrome QLD

Thangool Aerodrome in QLD is located 400M from the Thangool town centre and 11km south from Biloela town centre. It is certified with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and provides frequent chartered flights.

The Aerodrome also accommodates regular commercial flights through Link Airways, providing a service three (3) days a week.

Biloela is a busy commercial and tourist hub, though it still retains that relaxed, country feeling. More than 130 years in the making, Thangool is home to a sizable squab industry, providing Australia with 60 per cent of its squab supplies. As you travel through the district, you’ll see large paddocks of sorghum, wheat, sunflower, barley and mung bean crops, the mainstays of local food production.

Area Forecast
Strip Direction
10 / 28 : 14 / 32
GPS Position
24° 2938 S
150° 3434 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1522 : 794
WAC Chart
Brisb Centre 119.55 Circuit area
Strip Surface
Sealed : Sand silt clay
Owner / Operator
Banana Shire Council
4995 8241
ARO 0439 873 182
1 – Between TWY and RWY 10
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS and JetA1 Bowser
Visa or Fuel Charge App or
via IOR Aviation
Distance to Town
400 M – Thangool
11 KM – Biloela
10 / 28 AFRU + PAL 126.7
Aircraft Parking
Landing Fees
Yes – check Council website
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 122.55

Caution: Animal and bird hazards at all times.
Windshear on both RWY APR in windy conditions.
Operations limited to MTOW of 4000KG or less unless approved.
Model ACFT flying may take place.
Prior PPR for HEL OPS
Avoid flying over Appin township.

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