Orange Regional Airport NSW


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Orange Regional Airport NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Orange Regional Airport NSW

Orange Regional Airport in NSW is a key transport hub for the central west, providing daily passenger connections with Sydney and a base for a growing number of aero-industry businesses.

The airport is located 15 kilometres southeast of Orange. By car, the airport is 15 minutes drive from the centre of Orange.

Orange is arguably the most elegant of all the towns in NSW. Characterised by beautiful tree-lined streets, charming houses dating to the early twentieth century, and outstanding public parks it is a substantial and sophisticated rural service centre which lies at the heart of some of New South Wales’ richest and most bountiful agricultural land.

The city is known for its excellent local produce, its impressive vineyards and its fine dining restaurants. It is also known for its impressive autumn colours and its bitterly cold winters. It regularly gets snow in winter and is known as the country’s snowiest city.

Orange Regional Airport Runway. Country Airstrips Australia
Orange Regional Airport Runway
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
04 / 22 : 11 / 29
GPS Position
33° 2241 S
149° 0732 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
783 : 2213
WAC Chart
3456, 3457
Melb Centre 135.25
Strip Surface
Grass Red Clay : Sealed
Owner / Operator
Orange City Council
(02) 6393 8000
ARO 0419 233 879
1 – LH side RWYS 11 and 29
1 – BTW RWYS 04 and 29
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
AVGAS and JetA1 credit card Bowsers located on TWY
0414 247 999
Distance to Town
15 KM
PAL + AFRU 11 / 29
Aircraft Parking
Orange Taxi Cabs (02) 6362 1333
Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 119.0

Orange Airport Skycam

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