Old Bar Heritage Airstrip NSW


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Old Bar Heritage Airstrip NSW. Country Airstrips Australia
Old Bar Heritage Airstrip NSW

Old Bar Heritage Airstrip in NSW is a heritage-listed airfield located off Old Bar Road at Old Bar. Built in 1925 by George Bunyan and family, the airstrip is also known as Old Bar Airfield and Old Bar Aerodrome. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 25 February 2000.

History of Old Bar Airstrip

Old Bar Airfield was constructed in the mid 1920s by George Bunyan as part of the fledgling air mail and aerial passenger services. Old Bar became the main refueling stop between Sydney and Brisbane.

The airfield was designated as an “aerodrome” on 6 November 1930 by the Department of Defence.

The airfield was the refueling point for Kingsford-Smith and Ulm’s Australian National Airways till mid 1931.

Old Bar Airstrip and the RAAF

The Royal Australian Air Force utilised the airstrip for refueling from the mid to late 1930s with regular visits of up to six Hawker Demons at Old Bar. For twelve months during 1939-40, the RAAF stationed a Wackett Gannet at Old Bar to undertake coastal surveying and mapping. The Old Bar Aerodrome was designated an emergency landing field for the RAAF during World War II.

The Old Bar Airstrip was visited constantly by the key Australian aviation pioneers including Kingsford-Smith, Ulm, Jean Batten and Nancy Bird Walton.

Old Bar Heritage Airstrip NSW runway direction.
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
17 / 36 : 09 / 27
GPS Position
38° 1529 S
144° 2539 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
750 : 520
WAC Chart
Brisb Centre 123.35 @ 3000FT
Strip Surface
Sealed : Grass
Geelong Surfcoast Airpark
0418 643 401
1 – At RWY intersection
ASIC Security/VIS Vest
AVGAS by arrangement.
See website.
Distance to Town
6.6 KM
PAL 119.0
Aircraft Parking
Taxi 131 008
Landing Fees
Yes – see website
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 118.1

Right-hand circuits – RWY 35 (to remain clear of built-up area).
Preferred RWY for takeoff – RWY 17 (wind permitting).
Preferred RWY for landing – RWY 35 (wind permitting).
Circuit not to extend north of Manning River due to Taree NDB approach.
Caravan Park access for aircraft available – phone 02 6553 7274

1.2 metre high wire fence erected 30 metres south of RWY 35 THR.
25 metre high lighting posts erected on sport field (approximately 50 metres from RWY centreline).
Strong crosswinds may be encountered due to sea breeze effect.
Turbulence may be experienced at northern end of RWY due to trees.
Pedestrians use airstrip for recreational purposes (walking etc).