Murray Bridge Aerodrome SA


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Murray Bridge town and airfield SA.
Murray Bridge Aerodrome Facilities. Map showing the facilities and layout of Murray Bridge Aerodrome in SA.
Murray Bridge Aerodrome SA Facilities

Murray Bridge Aerodrome in SA is 3 nautical miles NW of Murray Bridge and approximately 80km (1 hour drive) from the Adelaide CBD.

The Aerodrome is home to the following organisations:

  • Command Flight Training
  • Recreational Pilots Academy
  • Murray Bridge Light Aircraft Flying School
  • Murray Bridge Gliding Club
  • Australian Aerobatic Club
  • Sport Aircraft Club of SA Inc

The aerodrome is privately owned and operated so prior permission is required before landing.

Murray Bridge Aerodrome SA. From Country Airstrips Australia.
Murray Bridge Aerodrome SA
Area Forecast
Strip Direction
01 / 19 : 09 / 27
GPS Position
35° 0400 S
139° 1336 E
ALA Code
Strip Length
1065 : 910
WAC Chart
Adelaide Centre 130.45
Circuit Area
Strip Surface
Gravel : Grass
Owner / Operator
Comak Pty Ltd
0408 841 066
ARO 0422 755 831
1 – SW of Buildings
1 – E of RWY 01/19 mid-point
ASIC Security / Vis Vest
Self-service AVGAS fuel bowser. Payment by credit card.
Prior notice REQ outside AD HR
0422 755 831
Distance to Town
3 NM
Contact ARO 0422 755 831
Aircraft Parking
Available on the NW side of RWY 01/19
Command Flight Training offers a courtesy car for visiting pilots on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 08 8532 5537 or email to book.
Murray Bridge Vehicle Hire
 0409 816 789
Des’s Murray Bridge Taxis
133 377
Landing Fees
Special Procedures and Comments: CTAF 127.5

No straight-in approach when AC in Circuit Area.
Caution: Glider OPS.
Caution: Blasting 10:30 – 1500 local 11 miles to W.
D285 applies due to aerobatic box E and ADJ 01/19 SFC – 4000′
No cross wind joins 09/27 when aeros in OP.

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